Why choose Takeme?

TAKEME offers highly optimized and personalized ride-hailing solutions to cater to every rider’s individual needs, with a strong focus on efficiency. We match drivers with riders to ensure they reach their destination in a timely and hassle-free manner. Our services at TAKEME are structured and systematic, ensuring your transactions are smooth and hassle-free. Our commitment to quality and consistency sets new standards and creates value for our partners, giving them a competitive edge that is unmatched.

How to Sign up and make a booking at Takeme?

1-Enter your mobile number, and get an OTP verification code.

2- Fill out your information or connect with your social account 

3- You are good to go, you can now enjoy hassle free rides with TAKEME.

4-Select your pick up & drop off location.(you can choose to skip drop off location)

5- Select from our fleet categories how you wish to travel

6- Choose payment method (cash or wallet)

7- Apply Promo Code (if any) 

8- You will be connected with a driver.

Let's Explore Takeme


Notifications are alerts tt. These notifications can inform you about a variety of things, such as new messages, updates, reminders, or other relevant information.

My Rides:

Get hold of your rides history, and any future rides booking.

My Wallet

Check and Balance of your total commute expense. Or you can top up the wallet and can travel cash free.

Favourite Locations:

Do you have frequent drop off locations? You can add them to favourite locations and make steps to book a ride easy.

Refer & Earn: You can fill your wallet by referring you friends and family.


Purchase packages from us and be stress free for your commute expenses.


Change or update any details of your account from settings


Passengers will never have to wait on hold or be placed in a busy line again. They can pay for their trip swiftly through their phone or traditionally with cash or debit it from their Takeme wallet.

Best Drivers

We carefully select our drivers to ensure you have a comfortable journey. Our drivers are experts that you can trust for your commute.

24/7 Support

We value your feedback and take your concerns very seriously. Our customer support works 24/7 to ensure that we are a call away to serve you. 


Passengers can see the exact location of their incoming driver, estimated fare rate and suggested route to their location. You can track rides of your loved ones too.


You can rely on TAKEME for your daily travel solutions and we will cater to your urgent travel needs. Safely travel to your desired destination with TAKEME


Improved Customer satisfaction

Reduced hold wait times and easily connect customers with their lost items to receive higher ratings.

TAKEME is a ride-hailing app that provides transportation services, with the aim to make conveyance easy, TAKEME offers a reliable and safe method of transportation.

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