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This notice describes Takeme Booking app, and its affiliates collect and use your personal data. Takeme Booking App gathers information about you when you use our mobile application or website and through the interactions and communications, we have with our users. The privacy policy will describe which personal information provided by you will be processed by Takeme Booking App. Consent is given to us each time you use a Takeme booking app service.



This notice applies explicitly to:

  • Users: Individuals who request or receive transportation, including those who receive transportation requested by another individual
  • Drivers: Individuals who provide, or submit applications to Takeme to provide, transportation individually or through partner transportation companies.


Takeme booking App collects:
  • Data provided by users to Take me Booking App
  • Data created during the use of our Takeme services
  • Data from other sources, such as Takeme partners and third parties that use Take me APIs


User Profile: name, email, login, password, phone number, profile picture, banking detail (for drivers and users willing to pay through credit/debit cards), demographic data (either you submit, or we collect)

 Extra information of the driver: Government identification document, license number of vehicle and driver, images, birthdate, signature, photo. A background check is done for the drivers as well.


Data we collect from other sources

  • Location data: If enabled by the user we collect the location details from the users mobile phone
  • Transaction Information: Takeme Booking App collects transaction information related to the use of our services or someone if you sign in using a social media account. Additionally, if someone uses your promotion code, we may associate your name with that person.
  • Device data: Takeme Booking App may collect data about the user’s devices used to access our services, which includes the hardware models, operating systems and versions, software, device IP address, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, serial numbers, and mobile network data.

Communications data: The ability to communicate between the driver and the user is enabled in Takeme. For example, we enable drivers and users, to call and send a text to each other (generally without disclosing personal details to each other. To provide this service, Takeme receives some data regarding the calls and texts, including the date and time of the communications and also the content of the communications. Takeme may also use this data for customer support services, for safety and security purposes, in order to improve our products and services.


Takeme Booking App uses the data users provide to:
  1. Provide services: Takeme Booking App uses the data it collects, to provide, personalise, sustain, and advance our products and services.
  2. Safety: Takeme Booking App uses personal data to help maintain the security, safety, and integrity of our services and users.
  3. Customer support: Takeme Booking App uses the collected information to provide customer support
  4. Research and development: Takeme booking app uses the data collected for research, analysis, testing, product development, to improve the user experience.
  5. Communications between users: For any reason a user needs to contact the driver or vice-versa, Takeme Booking App has enabled them to communicate with each other.
  6. Marketing: Takeme Booking App may use the data collected to market our services to our users. 
  7. Non-marketing communications: Takeme Booking app may use the data collected to generate and provide receipts; or send other information that isn’t to market the services or products of the company.
  8. Legal proceedings: We may use the personal data collected to investigate claims or disputes relating to use of Takeme’s services, or as otherwise allowed by law applicable, or as requested by government entities, regulators, and official inquiries.
  9. Automated decision-making: We at Takeme use personal data to make automated decisions relating to the use of our services.


You agree to allow Takeme Booking App to transfer and store your personal data where it feels the data is more secure than the country it is operating in. Takeme Booking will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that a user’s data is treated securely and in accordance with the privacy policy.

Sharing of Data

You agree to allow Takeme Booking app to share your data with other users. The data can be shared with:

  • Other user: A users name, rating, pickup and drop locations with the driver. Users availing the referral program, Takeme shares some of their personal details to the referred user, to some extent.
  • Users request: A user’s ETA is an example of sharing data as per request by the other user.
  • Third Parties: To provide you services you requested through a partnership or promotional offering.
  • Employer or other similar entity: Any necessary third parties engaged by us or your employer, if you participate in any of our enterprise solutions.
  • Takeme’s subsidiaries and affiliated entities
  • Partners or service providers: Sharing data with marketing and advertising partners, consultants and other service providers who may need access to such data to carry out work on Takeme’s behalf or to perform any contract Takeme enters into with them.    


  1. Right to information: As a legal citizen, a user has the right to access all the information held about them in the Takeme database. The user will meet the cost of providing and delivering information.
  2. Privacy policy changes: Periodic changes to the privacy policy is a norm and we may change it from time to time. A user may be notified about these changes through an email. We recommend you to review the privacy policy to get the latest information periodically.


Although, Takeme Booking app accounts are password-protected, the theft of data is a harsh reality. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Looking at this, Takeme Booking app cannot guarantee the security of any Personal Data a user transmits to us, and you do so at your own risk.



In order to give our users the best experience, we use cookies to identify and distinguish each from one another. By accessing and browsing our website or application, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.



If you still have some queries and need some answers regarding the privacy policy. Please contact us at enter

[email protected]

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