Takeme is a Pakistan based Ride-hailing app service and is present in Karachi at the moment. We will soon launch in other major cities.
Hey we are currently available on Play Store, to download follow the link https://bit.ly/takeme-app
1- Enter your mobile number, and get an OTP verification code. 2- Fill out your information or connect with your social account 3- You are good to go, you can now enjoy hassle free rides with TAKEME.

You will pay the final amount after deducting any promo discount and wallet credit and adding any negative balance (debt) from previous rides, check the final amount before confirming the booking in invoice, and to check the amount for a booked trip You will be able to view the final fare

Yes, currently we are giving 30%off on unlimited rides till March 2023. Apply promo code (TAKEME30)

After you have selected the pick up & drop off location within the app then write PROMOCODE and APPLY tab to proceed Book a RIde.

Takeme rides fare is calculated upfront depending on a few factors. The factors include the base rate, initial waiting and Per KM

Be carefree about peak hours, TAKEME doesn’t have any peak hour charges

After being allocated a driver, you have 2 minutes to cancel the ride, after that a cancellation charge will apply depending on how many KM the driver reached the destination towards your location.If the rider is taking too long to reach your pickup location or is not making an effort to get to your location, the cancellation fees would be waived in such a scenario.

When allocated a ride upon request, the driver's photo, vehicle model, vehicle colour and Number plate are displayed on app screen. When the rider is at your location remember to match the Number plate and other details before getting inside the vehicle The driver usually asks your name before starting the ride.

At the end of each trip, a receipt automatically shows the end of every ride in your screen, as well all your trips will show in the MY RIDES module.

There are two payment options available at the moment. 1- Pay by cash 2- Pay by wallet. (wallet can top up through TAKEME PARTNER or by contacting Takeme Support at +92-300-0747-719
If you want to share further details about your trip or about the pickup location with your driver. Tap the bar which contains driver info and his contact details will be given there. During the booking you can either call or message him through the app . For the safety of the driver, the driver may not pick up your call while driving.
Phone numbers and Emails are unique to each user. The same phone number and email can't be used for more than one account. If you already have an account you will only be able to change the email (but if you have registered through a social media account you can not update the email address ). to change the email:- 1) Go to the Menu button ⇶ 2) Tap Edit your profile 3) Change your email address 4) Then tap Update Profile.

If you already have an account but forgot the password, follow the instruction You can easily reset it by selecting the "FORGOT" option.
You will receive a 4 digit OTP (one time password) where you can create a new password with any 6 digit passcode

You are requested to please provide the complete details regarding the issue, if the issue is related to booking follow the following steps to report an issue. 1. Go to My Ride option from the menu bar. 2. Select MY RIDES 3. Enter the ride you wish to report an issue 4. Than Click on "Report an Issue" on the top 4. Type the issue you have faced.

Please contact Customer Support at: +92-300-0747-719

TAKEME is a ride-hailing app that provides transportation services, with the aim to make conveyance easy, TAKEME offers a reliable and safe method of transportation.

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