Download the driver app, Get registered and Claim your freedom today!

Make Money On
Your Own Terms
Become a Partner!

    Make Money On
    Your Own Terms

    Download the driver app, Get registered and Claim your freedom today!

    Become a Partner!

      WHY TAKEME ?
      Make Extra Money

      Ride with us to increase your income. Drive and when you feel like it, no pressure!


      We strive to provide you with the best driving experience. Our team works 24/7 to ensure you have a hassle free driving experience.

      We are highly transparent in our dealings and keep you fully informed about our charges. Put your trust in us and start driving now !
      How does Takeme work?
      Work at your own pace

      Full time? Part-time? With Takeme you work on your own time. Adjust driving time according to your own schedule and reap benefits as you feel best.

      Build your own empire

      You decide the amount of money you make and when you make it. With more bookings, make more money.

      Take Control

      Take charge and achieve what you’re working for, on your own terms.

      How to become a Takeme partner?

      Complete and Submit the above given form with your details to start your journey as a Takeme Partner.


      Visit our office or join us for the online training process on becoming a Takeme Partner.

      Start Driving

      After a successful training process, you now officially qualify as a Takeme driver. Start driving and reap those monetary benefits now!

      What would you need?

      To be a Takeme Partner you have to be above 18 years old with an authentic driver’s license.


      Your vehicle should meet the requirements set by Takeme according to the terms and conditions of our fleet range.


      Possession of a personal smartphone is must for you to be able to easily navigate through the Takme Driver’s app. 



      Every Partner will undergo the screening process set up by Takeme, and it is upto the company to decide whether or not you qualify for the position based on your results.

      How Takeme Partner’s App Works?

      From the time you successfully complete your training and receive confirmation, download Takeme’s Driver app and login with your credentials.

      Go Online

      Go online after signing in, and begin receiving bookings.The rider’s pick-up location will be available within the app along with directions for you to reach them on time. You can either accept or reject the booking based on your availability.

      Arrive at the Location

      Once you’ve selected the booking, the app will guide you to the pick-up location. As soon as you reach the location select  the “I Have Arrived” option to let the rider know you have arrived.


      Complete the Ride

      Once the customer is seated, start the ride and use Google maps to navigate to the drop off location. The customer can also guide you to their destination, given they opt for it themselves.


      The process is quite simple and the first thing you need to do is to download the Takeme app. Once downloaded, open and select the “Driver” option. You will now be asked for some details. Personal as well as about the vehicle. You will then be required to upload some documents, and once the documents are reviewed, you will get full access to the Takeme app and you can start earning by accepting ride requests.

      In order to join us as a driver, you need the following documents, including but not limited to:
      1-Driving License
      2-ID card
      3-Vehicle registration
      4-Profile picture
      Having problems uploading the documents?
      Contact Takeme to get assistance. Click on the link below to visit the Takeme website

      A pickup starts when the driver receives the ride request from the rider. Check the location of the rider on the map and follow the mentioned route to reach the pick-up location.
      Sometimes it gets difficult to locate the rider so Takeme app allows you to call or send a text to the rider so that you can locate the rider easily
      When going to pick up the rider remember to avoid violating the traffic laws and try to follow the rules of the road.
      You must ensure only to start the ride after the rider is safely seated in your vehicle. Takeme advises the riders booking a ride to only request a ride if they’re ready.
      We encourage our drivers to ask the rider’s name to ensure that the right person is in the vehicle. Confirm the destination and ask the rider about a preferred route. Once all these things are checked you can then start driving.
      When the trip ends, riders and drivers will not be able to contact each other through the Takeme app. Its recommend that you remind the rider to check all their items as before leaving the vehicle.

      The payments are sent directly deposited to your bank account every week.
      The following things are added to make up your total fare:

      -Trip fare
      -Promotions (if any)
      -Referral awards (if any)
      -Cancellation fees (if any)

      And subtracting any:

      -Takeme fees
      -Vehicle fees
      -Fines (if any)

      The weekly statements of your total earnings could be reviewed on the app or by logging on to the Takeme website.

      In case of forgetting the password click on the FORGOT button displayed on the screen. A 4-Digit code will be sent through SMS or you can choose the option Call me/Resent.

      Search for the app called “TAKEME Partner” in Google Play store/ App store and install it. Enter the mobile number, press signup, then continue, after that you will receive 4-digit code enter the code and press verify. After verifying you will get the signup form
      after verifying driver’s documents, driver have to visit the office for training. Once the training is done, he will be approved by TAKEME.
      1. Full name
      2. Email optional
      3. 6-digit password
      4. ID number /expiry date
      5. Diving licence number / expiry date
      6. Vehicle name
      7. Plate number for example (2367 DHA)
      8. Istemarah number optional / expiry date
      9. Vehicle insurance number / expiry date
      10. Vehicle model (2015 and above)
      11. Vehicle color
      12. Upload good photo
      13. Press Complete signup

      You can accept ride by staying online and keep the application open. By clicking on new ride notifications which you will receive in the notification bar. And then by clicking on Accept ride request.

      As you login the account, change your status of OFFLINE to ONLINE. Click on the offline button and press CONTINUE to go ONLINE.


      Yes, you can refer a driver. Go to the application and press the main menu, press REFER US A DRIVER option, enter the referring Phone number and click continue, then enter a 4-digit code which you will receive via SMS.
      By referring a new driver, you will get 5% commission from his total earning per Month.
      and will get 200 SAR bonus whenever they complete 50 rides.

      You can view IN Progress ride by clicking the main menu, Then My rides option and your IN Progress ride will appear.
      If your application is force stopped, open the application click the main menu, then you can track your in-progress ride inside My rides option.

      You can view Rides history by clicking the main menu option, click on My Rides that shows all the rides you have completed up till date. And your rides history will appear.

      Press the route button on the right top, it will directly appear passenger’s pickup location in the google map.


      It will be mention on the new ride request pop up under the Passenger’s name.


      Press the call and chat option on the right side below the screen to contact customer.



      Click one of our representatives below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to support@takemee.com