About Us

Takeme is a ride hailing app which provides transportation services, with the aim to make conveyance easy, Takeme offers a reliable and safe method of transportation.


Our mission is to be the pioneers of the commute industry in Pakistan, with a core focus on making lives easier via reliable and safer commute!


We aim to emerge as the champions of ride hailing service in Pakistan by taking upon us the duty to grow our economy ten-fold through our seamless yet ever-growing platform! In today’s world,

where the commute industry is going through a huge shift with the digitalization of transport services and more sustainable business models, we are striving to open new doors of opportunities in the region. We envision to serve our community and provide its people with a strong foundation upon which they can build their dreams! At Takeme, we strongly believe in empowering our customers to live up to their full potential by continuously and rigorously providing them with a service they can trust!
After identifying potential issues in other ride hailing services in middle east, we decided to take the matter in our hands and provide our community with a much more refined and easier ride hailing service that is going to not only make commuting easier but will also remove several obstacles that the drivers and the riders face daily in their commute. We aspire to become the pioneers of ride hailing services in the Middle East and to become an organization that aims to serve others. We are highly motivated and driven by our passion to leverage technology to bring about a change in the Middle East. Our vision is to create more job opportunities for the drivers and providing them with better facilities and higher income options by solving their common, day to day issues in a much more customer centric way.