How Can Takeme Help You Simplify Your Business Travel Expense

Due to the transformation through the deployment of technology in the early 2010s, several online ride-hailing companies were born. It made it easier for people to order cabs over the phone or on the internet through well-managed apps, making ordering a taxi much more reliable than before.

Similarly, Takeme was designed especially to make ordering an online taxi far more reliable and hassle-free. Originally considered as just an ordinary ride-hailing service in Karachi, Takeme now offers several solutions for business fleet management, logistics, and product delivery options as well. 

However, in this article, we will discuss how Takeme can help your business manage its fleet costs for all its trusted employees.

Takeme For Business

Takeme for Businesses is an all-new, all-in-one solution which aims to simplify your corporate goals of ease and hassle-free travel. With a vision to elevate customer experience, Takeme has recently incorporated new strategies to elevate the user experience, especially for businesses that need large gleet options to aid to their activities.

Takeme, your everyday travel partner, aims to deliver the best for your business and to be an ultimate corporate travel companion to get your team where they need to be, safely and on time. 

Below are a few highlighted features offered by Takeme to help ensure that your fleet management costs are taken care of.

Takeme For Business Is A Cost Effective Option

With no additional peak charges or cancellation fees, business travel with Takeme just got simpler and hassle-free. You can view your total travel spend, all upcoming bookings, and even settle your account at your own convenience through a variety of billing and payment methods. With these new and improved updates, your employees can easily access their scheduled rides as well as stick to a specific budget allowed to them by the company. 

The Takeme for the business model also offers tailored packages for your employees with a number of discounts and offers for their and your benefit. All the while, you’re ensuring that your employees are satisfied at the job, one step at a time.

Pre-Booking And Scheduled Rides With Takeme

While offering ride-on-demand, Takeme also offers the option to pre-book or schedule your ride for later as and when it is convenient for you. Ensuring the driver’s arrival at your location is on time with no peak charges and no cancellation fee before or after the ride. 

Scheduled rides is a feature that allows you to tailor rides according to your employees needs and if you’d like to arrange a ride for your business guest in advance, pre-booking will also allow you to set up a ride for a specific date and time in the near future. This way, you won’t have to worry about last-minute arrangements.

The details of the ride including the driver’s details and their time of arrival will be shared via text message with your guest or employee.

Takeme Support Is Available 24/7

Valuing your feedback and concern is our ultimate motto. Our customer support works 24/7 to ensure that you get the best of us anytime, anywhere. Our Safety Standard has been designed to help protect the health and safety of everyone who uses our platform.        

Takeme online support is available 24/7, and our new Safety Standard is designed to ensure your ride is in accordance with all standard protocols during COVID-19.

Keep Your Business Moving 

With new features such as one-click return trips and reordering without any cancellation charges, your business will be able to delight employees and cover their needs as and when they prefer. Takeme app also works seamlessly across all sorts of devices to add convenience to arranging rides on the go. So whether it is through your smartphone or iPad, arranging rides is hassle-free and quick as a click.

This way, all your rides will always be sorted whether it’s a meeting, interview, or to catch a business flight. 

You can even pre-book rides online for extra convenience, or book a ride on-demand as Takeme for Business is one of the top of the line corporate travel companions to get your team where they need to be.

Takeme Drivers Are Always On Time

Our drivers are experts when it comes to local and regional routes. They’re capable of reaching the destination within the designated time through expert navigation skills whether it’s around the busy highways or the narrow streets of the region. 

Delight Your Employees

Give your employees access to the platform making them feel that their needs are being taken care of by the company. Easily set limits and allowances based on time, location, budget, and ride type. Plus, you can customize it for different teams or departments. Allow them to earn exclusive rewards and Takeme loyalty programs.

With new and improved COVID19 Safety Measures, your employees’ well-being will be thoroughly taken care of. You can offer your team to cover the cost of a ride to and from public transit stations, work meetings, or to and from the airport for official trips as well.

Takeme For Business aims to provide your company with tools that are bound to control extra costs. These include annual transportation costs, parking space issues, and especially time management by making conveyance punctual and easy. 

It’s definitely worth consideration because we at Takeme believe that big businesses are deserving of big solutions.

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